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Technoorg Linda Co. Ltd.

Technoorg Linda Ltd. Co. is the one of the world's leading manufacturers of instruments and technologies to extend the operation of ion technology based specimen preparation and depth profiling. Technoorg Linda's products are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes and cover the entire range of the thinning process from prepreparation to ion milling and endpolishing. The applications are suited for many purposes in the fields of Material Research, Geology, Semiconductor and Optical Industry, like multilayer systems, semiconductors, diamond, composite materials, metals, ceramics, glasses, rocks and minerals. The Technoorg Linda brand name is respected throughout the leading scientific community and has been synonymous with high-precision instruments and world-leading quality of endpolishing.

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  M/s Tousimis Research Corporation, USA  

Tousimis Research Corporation (formerly Biodynamics Research Corporation) was organized in 1962 under the laws of the District of Columbia. Our goal was, and still is, to develop and perfect instrumentation and products to be used in laboratories where similar studies are carried out. This idea (which has been the basis for our company for the past 49 years) was that of scientific pioneer Dr. A. J. Tousimis, President and CEO of tousimis research corporation. Tousimis products are the best available and are known for their reliability and highest possible quality so that your experiments are the variables, not your chemicals and instrumentation.

Few of the typical applications where Tousimis critical point dryers are used by hundreds of MEMS labs worldwide are RF switches, cantilevers, micro robots, inkjet nozzle, shock sensors, coupled oscillators, micro platforms, actuators, hinges, drives, ratchet MEMS devices, carbon nanotubes, sol-gel, e-beam resist drying, biological sample drying for SEM observation etc.

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  M/s Tietz Video and Image Processing Systems GmbH Germany  

TVIPS manufactures high-performance camera systems for TEM with resolutions from 1 to 64 Megapixels. A powerful Windows XP based image processing platform allows seamless integration into any type of microscope and flexible custom solutions for biological and materials science applications, e.g. automatic electron tomography.

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SPTS Technologies Ltd. UK


SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, designs, manufactures, sells, and supports etch, PVD and CVD capital equipment, providing advanced wafer processing technologies and solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. End-market applications include micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), advanced packaging, LED, high speed RF device IC’s and power semiconductors.
The solutions offered by SPTS include industry leading silicon etch, dielectric etch, dry-release etch, PVD, PECVD and MOCVD.

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